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Open House

Theme – Get Connected with Robots at the MCRI Open House

Purpose Results
The purpose of the open house was to connect with local manufacturing companies to show them how robotics can transform their current processes. The open house had a 7% response rate with about 200 people in attendance. The company got 3 upgrades or new robot system jobs from attendees.
Example of the posters that were designed to describe each robot system


I oversaw the organization of the event, and I worked with the project manager to select and layout placement of robot cells on the build floor. I worked with FANUC to build a list of manufacturers in a 100 mile radius of our facility.
To promote the event I:

  • Filmed and edited a promotional video with Vice President explaining the event.
  • Sent out direct mail invitations to 3000 manufacturing engineers in the area.
  • Developed and promoted giveaways for signing-up and attending as well as offering three robotic engineering classes for engineers to attend that would allow them to receive hour credits toward certification.
  • Ran an email campaign with landing page (video and event information) for attendees to register for classes and be qualified for giveaway.
  • I also ran social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) promotion and local Google Adwords to attract any other interested engineers in the area.

Pictures were shared after the event through email and social media channels with a link to the landing page attracting 650 click throughs to the page – Open House Landing Page with pictures of the event