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Portable HMI Targeted Email – Motion Controls Robotics

Email campaign sent to customers introducing a new product

Purpose Results
The M-Tablet is a new product that will continue to be promoted to customers as an upgrade for their robot systems. In robotics, there are constant, innovative technologies that are being introduced that can improve processes. Read full email This email went out to previous customers as an upgrade to their system

  • Open Rate was 40%
  • CTR – 6%
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Christmas Greeting – Motion Controls Robotics

Email Campaign for Christmas Greeting

Purpose Results
An example of a yearly Christmas greeting email. The goal or CTA of this email, besides just a Christmas greeting, was to get more social media followers. In December we increased our followers by 4% or about 100 new (the highest jump was in LinkedIn)
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Selecting Favorite Backsplash Design

Backsplash Design Survey

Purpose Results
This email and social media post was sent out to get feedback on the variety of designs that were available from 1005 Design Backsplashes.