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Motion Controls Robotics Website

Website Growth over 3 Years – Visit Site

Purpose Results
The Motion Controls Robotics site is designed to give information pertaining to automation applications. The Tech Talk articles share information about having robots in your facility. These articles help to place MCRI as an industry expert. In B2B marketing, strong inbound marketing is essential for gathering qualified leads. If your website and information is available when the customer is looking for it, you have the better chance of having the lead contact you. Through the use of Search Engine Optimization and consistent content creation focusing on customer needs, website visits and leads have grown by over 300%.

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Getting Ready for Halloween – Fun Video

Entry for 30 Second Film Fest – The Morning Stream Podcast

Purpose Results
The theme of the video was, “What do you do to get ready for Halloween?” So I used my dog, Rory, to show how he prepares to dress-up as Captain American. The video got 180 views, but I have not promoted it other than the entry.
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Portable HMI Targeted Email – Motion Controls Robotics

Email campaign sent to customers introducing a new product

Purpose Results
The M-Tablet is a new product that will continue to be promoted to customers as an upgrade for their robot systems. In robotics, there are constant, innovative technologies that are being introduced that can improve processes. Read full email This email went out to previous customers as an upgrade to their system

  • Open Rate was 40%
  • CTR – 6%
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Board Handling Video – Motion Controls Robotics

Sales Video about Board Handling to Show Customers

Purpose Results
The main goal of this video was to show the wide variety of automation options available for handling flat surfaces. The sales group uses this video when they visit customers. Video shows a variety of robot systems built by MCRI for one application, flat surface handling. This video is fairly new and a tough search term, so it has not gotten as many views -unlike collaborative robot (almost 3,000 view)

Visit YouTube channel to see other videos (2015-current only).